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I have read the terms & conditions

       Hire & Conditions; See below  Booking Form

The terms and conditions are subject to regular review and The Committee reserve

the right to vary them at their discretion. In all instances, please check with

the bookings secretary.

         Angarrack Community Centre exists for the use of people of the Village. It is run as a

Charity* by a volunteer committee, who are responsible for its proper use and maintenance.

          1. Who may hire the Hall or Meeting room

        The Hall or Meeting Room may be hired by anyone who is both:

         a.  Resident in the Village.

         b. 18 years of age or over on the date of hiring.

         c.  Any other person, organisation or Business the committee agrees to.

         The Hall may be hired by someone who satisfies these conditions on behalf of someone

         who does not, but the hirer remains responsible for fulfilling the conditions of use.

         Cheques for the hire or deposit must be in the name of the hirer.


2. What the Hall or Meeting Room may be used for.

         The Hall or Meeting Room may be hired for:

         a. Recreation and leisure, such as birthday parties or clubs.

         b. Meetings, elections, lectures and classes, such as keep fit.

         c. Fund raising or Business .

3. Conditions of Use.

        The conditions below apply to all bookings. Failure to comply may result in the loss of all or

         part of the deposit paid. Additionally, the hirer might not be able to hire the hall again.

 a. Noise.

         Hirers are requested to respect that the Hall is in a residential area and in particular:-

         1. to moderate the volume of any music played (particularly the base sound, which

             carries the furthest).

         2. to stick to the times of hire, noting that music should stop at 10.30 pm, in order to

             clear up and vacate the premises by 11.00pm. 

         3. to ask their guests to leave quietly.


     b. Fees. The fee and deposit must be paid in full at the time of booking. Current rates are:-

         Sessions :-                   09.00 -12.00      2.00 -5.00     7.00 -10.30

         Categories                   Meeting Room                             Hall


Villagers                       £10.00   per session                  £20.00   per session

         Charities                       £10.00    “”       “”                         £20.00    “”        “”

         Other Groups               £20.00    “”        “”                        £30.00    “”        “”


         All bookings include the use of the kitchen.

         The committee reserve the right to vary these rates at their discretion.

c. Times

1)      The Hall or Meeting Room may be hired between 09.00am and 10.30pm .

2)      The Hall or Meeting Room will normally be available one hour before the start of the hire   period,
for setting up, at no extra charge. A longer setting up period may be possible in consultation
with the Booking Secretary, but there might be a charge.

3)      Any music or PA system must be switched off by 10.30pm.

4)      The Hall, Meeting Room etc. must be clean and secure, as described below, and the premises
vacated, by 11.00pm.

The Committee reserve the right to vary these times at their discretion

d. Cleanliness
The Hall will be clean and tidy when handed over for hire: any complaints about its state must be made
at the start of the ‘setting-up period’ outlined above. It must be handed     back in a similar condition. Rubbish
must be tied up in the black bags provided and placed    in the green bin outside, there is also a container
outside for all recyclables. Chairs and tables should be stacked away on their trolleys.

e. Security   The premises should be left with:-

1)      All lights off.

2)      Boiler switched off

3)      All windows shut and locked.

4)      All internal doors shut.

5)      All external doors shut and locked.

6)      Where possible 2 people should check the above and lock up.

4. How bookings are made.

a.      All bookings are via the Bookings Secretary, who may be contacted on 0779 3055726

b.      Once the availability of the Hall is confirmed, a booking form will be sent to the hirer. It must be
completed and returned to the Treasurer, with the fee and deposit.

c.       The Treasurer will return a copy of the form, which acts as a receipt. The Hall will usually be
opened at the agreed time, but special arrangements may be made for the
hirer to collect/return the keys.   


      The Premises are as safe as can reasonably be expected. It is the responsibility of the hirer

    to ensure that they are used safely, in particular:-

a.      Instructions for the use of the heating and cookers must be strictly complied with

b.      The number of people in the Hall must not exceed 60 at any one time.

c.       Children must be supervised at all times.

d.      The Hall and its surrounding areas are STRICTLY MON-SMOKING
and the consumption of ALCOHOL  IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

 6. If  any hazards are found when using any of the facilities, they should be reported to the 

     Bookings Secretary at the earliest opportunity, using the above telephone number.

       Booking Form